The number one cause of absence at work is due to poor mental health and wellbeing. Stress is increasing in the workplace and has a profound impact on all areas of people’s lives. What’s more, the wellbeing of employees is fundamental to the wellbeing and productivity of the workplace.

Increased awareness around mental health has facilitated the drive to integrate mental wellbeing initiatives into corporate environments. We see an increasing number of companies and leaders taking steps towards recognising, understanding and addressing the wellbeing needs of their employees. We can help YOU to be part of that innovative approach toward helping your staff’s wellbeing and and productivity.

We’re proud to help companies create an open workplace culture that supports mental wellbeing and proactively seeks to address the challenges their employees face.

Self Development Coaching

Whether individuals are long-standing employees or have recently joined the firm, coaching can unlock their potential to improve confidence, resilience and performance. We work with people across your organisation; from graduates to board members, managing directors and CEOs. We have coaches to suit all styles, with varying organisation and sector backgrounds.

A Human Approach

At YOU Life Guidance we take a human approach and provide tailored, personal development that is specific to your organisation’s growth.

Here are some of the outcomes we achieve for our clients:

  • Increased confidence and decision-making skills
  • Improve staff turnover
  • Improved resilience and perspective around perceived pressure
  • Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness and communication skills
  • Greater strategic thinking, improved leadership and overall team performance
  • A clear sense of purpose, self-belief and confidence in navigating organisational change

“The only person you need to be better than is the person you was yesterday”

Our programmes are tailored to meet each firms’ specific requirements. For example, we offer group sessions to help break the stigma around mental health, demystify the subject and create an open environment for free-flowing communication that encourages employees to support each other.

We also offer one-to-one support for communication, presenting and public speaking skills, or simply to be a listening ear and provide tailored guidance to each of your employees.

Working Together

What’s more, we will work closely with your internal HR professionals and leaders to ensure they are well-equipped to implement best practice and continue the progress your organisation has made.

The health of your business relies on your employees and their health relies on YOU.

Let’s work together to make a fundamental change for the better.

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