Self Development

For Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing

YOU Life Guidance has more than 10 years’ experience improving the lives of youths and adults alike. We recognize the need for vast improvement in the level of support and expertise currently available to young people. Our aim is to help people reach their full potential using practical self-development while looking after their mental health and wellbeing.   

Not only do we provide self-development for youths, we also work closely with the adults in their environment to ensure we take a holistic approach to improving lives for the long term and work toward a healthy and happy future. This facilitates the best outcome for everybody and ensures continued success.

We provide training for teachers, social workers, parents, guardians, foster carers and any adult in an appropriate position dealing with young lives. Our programmes help them to communicate more effectively, manage their emotions, become more self-aware and build positive relationships.

Every individual we help has unique circumstances and so we are well versed in applying our knowledge and expertise to different situations.  

Did YOU know a growing number of young people aged 5 to 16 have a clinical diagnosable mental health problem? What’s more, the majority of those have not had the correct intervention. That’s why we’re here!

Mindset is paramount

We are now in a society where mental health is much more recognised among young adults, however there is room for improvement on the support and understanding provided for students and staff alike. 

Throughout the education system facilities have been improved and new buildings have been constructed. A lot of funding goes into new equipment and technology for students and staff to have the resources they need to thrive. However, extensive research has shown that unless an individual’s mindset is supported, they may not maximise their potential or make best use of the resources available. So, are we getting the most value from the funding provided?


Therapeutic Intervention

A growing body of research clearly shows therapeutic intervention impacts on individual performance, behavioral change, culture, confidence, motivation and leadership. Every research study undertaken has identified that people really value one-to-one development and believe it has helped them become more effective. Therapeutic intervention is a pivotal improvement strategy and can also be used as a tool for embedding success and wellbeing within individuals.

Those who trust us to make a difference

We’re looking to grow our network of trusted and qualified professionals

If YOU have experience working with youths to support their mental health and wellbeing we’d love to hear from YOU!

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