Self Development

For Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing

YOU Life Guidance has more than 15 years’ experience improving lives. Our aim is to help people grow beyond what they could possibly imagine, synchronising internal with external worlds thus creating a life filled with peace, contentment, and purpose

Our approach and methods have been proven to increase harmony and productivity in the workplace.

Our results have shown a more well rounded balanced person brings a high level of progression and togetherness in any environment.

We understand that each person and environment is unique so we tailor each approach specifically.

Mindset is paramount

A growing body of research clearly shows therapeutic intervention impacts on individual performance, behavioural change, culture, confidence, motivation and leadership. Every research study undertaken has identified that people really value one-to-one development and believe it has helped them become more effective. Therapeutic intervention is a pivotol improvement strategy and can also be used as a tool for embedding success and wellbeing within individuals. 



Those who trust us to make a difference

We’re looking to grow our network of trusted and qualified professionals

If you have experience working with people supporting their mental health and well-being we would love to hear from you.

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